Were You Invisible?


Growing up, I felt invisible. I was number four in the lineup of six children. My two front teeth were literally crossed and my father did not notice this until I was 17 years old.

He was reading the newspaper and dropped a section on the floor. When I knelt down to pick it up, he said "thank you". I smiled and it was then that he saw my teeth.

"Let me see those teeth", he said. When I opened my mouth he was visibly startled to see how crooked they were. Immediately, he had my mother schedule an appointment at the orthodontist even though they had no idea how they were going to pay for it.

At 17, I was a senior in high school who just got braces. While I was grateful, I was also embarrassed and ashamed. All of my friends had gotten theirs off by the 9th grade.

When it was time for senior pictures, it was then that I really wished I was invisible!

Needless to say, I was not smiling.

Being invisible has it's advantages when you are little, especially when you are energy sensitive. When you are not seen, you are safe, but you are also unnoticed...insignificant.

Reflecting on your own childhood experiences, was there a time or a series of events that made you feel invisible? How did that make you feel about yourself?

And how is that still showing up in your adult life?

These are questions I ask of my clients in private session work and it always astounds me to witness the impact this has on us growing up and how it still affects us decades later.

Feeling insignificant is perhaps the deepest wound of them all. At least it has been for me.

For most people, it's so deep, they are not even aware of it and it's showing up as something else that never seems to go away, no matter how much healing work they may have done.

Sound familiar?

Over the years, I've experienced how it feels to be insignificant and how that has played out throughout my life. Because this is my soul's path, to heal this within me and then others, I now know I AM Significance...and that I am a vital soul.

Significance is your birthright. It is not earned, deserved or reserved for a select few. That's don't have to "earn" it or even "deserve" it...because you already are a worthy, significant...vital soul!

You came into this world as a Vital Soul™. Significant, worthy, and beautiful. Throughout your life, you've undoubtedly been given the message that you are somehow less than that.

These are the false messages we have been conditioned to believe that become the wounds we carry throughout our life.

If these wounds are not known to us and not brought into the light of consciousness for healing and transmutation, they create an outer world reality that is displeasing, rooted in pain and suffering.

One of the most powerful lessons I've learned on my healing journey of the last 20 years is that feeling good, and knowing you are significant and vital is an "inside job".

Your Self-Worth is ONLY and ALWAYS internally Sourced.

There is no substitute. Being energy sensitive especially, we will find countless ways to prevent ourselves from feeling the impact of insignificance.

Initially, we just shut down and close our hearts for protection. It's just to painful otherwise. This is needed for many of us during childhood for survival.

But it is no longer needed and no longer appropriate as an adult.

This will only lead to more pain, more suffering, and more heartache. And the way we deal with that is to turn to addictive behaviors to cover up the pain until we are ready to deal with it.

The remedy is to first know who you are, acknowledge who you are, accept who you are and from this place, honor your own individual expression and soul purpose.

It is not an easy journey but it is a significant one, vital even, to your peace, happiness, health, wealth and joy...and frankly all that is meant for you.

One way to begin the journey is to start to make yourself your own priority, taking time for soul nurturing. Being in nature is perhaps one of the best soul nurturing experiences you can have.

Nature is a great teacher and supporter of energy balancing, clearing and nurturing.

Tree hugging really IS all its cracked up to be and more!

Here are some suggested practices for a "soul nurturing" weekend or week day:

  • Take a walk alone in nature - and be fully present with your surroundings, the trees, insects, wildlife, water, etc. Notice the beauty, feel the unconditional love...HUG a tree 🙂
  • Meditate - Even if its 10 minutes of sitting quietly in silence just observing the mind and the silence and how different they are...this will rejuvenate you.
  • Breathe - Take 3 full, DEEP inhales into your diaphram, hold for a moment and release.
  • Visit an animal sanctuary - I became a vegan 8 months ago and my favorite soul healing experience is to visit these beloved rescued farm animals that are so full of love and gratitude. An animal shelter can accomplish this as well. Hug a cow, a pig and a dog 🙂
  • Journal - Create a dialog with your Soul by asking questions and writing what comes up from your heart. I do this often and am amazed later at what was written.
  • Detox Bath - If you have a bathtub, that a nice hot bath with detoxing bath salts and essential oils...ahhhhhh!
  • So the idea here is to turn your focus inward, get to know what your soul wants. Listen. And then act.

Be easy and gentle with yourself...

You are a Vital Soul™!!

Always with love,

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