True Belonging


Belonging for sensitives and empaths is a "sensitive" subject.

Because of our high sensitivity and our heightened emotional response to the energies we are constantly feeling, we are often labeled "weird", "outcasts" or something else forging separation from the rest of the population.

We simply don't fit in.

While there was a time in my life where fitting in was as essential as breathing, fortunately that isn't the case any longer for the adult me.

My inner child however, doesn't like to be alone or cast aside as an outsider. Fitting in for her is synonymous with acceptance.

When there is a huge gap between what your "adult self" wants and needs and what your "inner child" wants and needs...the consequence is often laden-ed with pain of some form.

It could show up as sadness, discomfort, despair, sabotage, or something you feel and cannot pinpoint its origin.

This is quite common, and most people are not aware of this frequent "disconnect" and the many, many ways this shows up and creates suffering in our lives.

Belonging is a huge part of this disconnect which is why I wish to talk about here and now.

What I recently discovered in my own journey of the past year is that the only form of belonging that is essential is belonging to me.

What does that mean exactly?

It means that if you do not belong to you, if you do not accept you, if your adult self and your inner child are not on the same page, there is no level of "fitting in" anywhere that can fill this void.

One of my big lessons of this past year was learning how to belong to me because when I belong to me, it will never matter if I belong anywhere else because when you belong to you, you belong everywhere.

This was a profound discovery for me and I hope it is for you too. It is so deep, you may have to sit with it a bit!!

I just arrived back in California a few days ago, the place my soul calls "home", after driving across the country the previous five days. Sebastopol, CA is the place I feel I "belong" at a soul level. Words cannot describe how magical it feels to be here.

I'm deeply grateful I was able to return to a place I have been called to facilitate healing and transformation for the people, the land, Mother Earth and the Animal Kingdom.

This is a very special, sacred place for me and I recently discovered just how much and why.

I lived here in a past life that didn't end well and there have been recent karmic events that have come full circle. My strong sense of belonging is tied to that and I am answering the call that I am being given but this time from a deeply rooted sense of belonging within me.

The first time I came here, back in 2016, it all completely unraveled because I did not address the huge disconnect I had with the wounds of my inner child around moving.

Now that I have done this inner work, everything is different now and I am already having a very different experience and perhaps for the first time in my life, actually feel I am where I not only belong but where I am truly meant to be.

I invite you to go within and check in to see where you could expand your own sense of belonging with yourself. It is a beautiful experience to have and nurture.

One thing I know for sure, you belong here with us and our beloved community of light-workers, healers, empaths, sensitives and beings of Light.

Be easy and gentle with yourself...

You are a Vital Soulâ„¢!!

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