Removing The Masks


It is always my honor and joy to serve in small ways and in big ways whenever possible. This week's inspiration is about "removing the masks", which is about letting go of all that you are not so that all of who you are can be revealed.

I'd like to begin with another real-life story to further illustrate the power of knowing who you are (by first understanding, identifying and removing all of who you are NOT).

In 2008, I attended a personal development event that had several different "guest speakers" who spoke on a wide range of is what happened with one of them:

The speaker got our attention when he asked the 1,800 people in the room, "Who are you"?

Like a good student, in the front row, I quickly raised my hand. He ushered me up onto the stage and suddenly I felt terrified. I was asked to sit on a very high bar-stool type chair underneath an intensely bright spotlight, blinding me from seeing the crowd.

I could feel the heat of the light...and also the question!

I sat there motionless. Like the literal deer in the headlights. I could feel everyone was staring at me. He asked the question again. His voice booming..."We are all waiting...who are you?"

I froze. The truth is I DIDN'T KNOW.

After about 10 seconds, which felt like an eternity, what came out of my mouth was something like this: "Um..I am Connie, I am a woman, I am a sister and a daughter, and a sales professional..."blah blah blah.

The booming voice returned and scared me to noticeable terror. I was trembling and really kicking myself now for raising my hand.

"NO!" said the booming voice, "That is NOT WHO YOU ARE".

I was now completely humiliated. Not only was I sitting there like a complete idiot, wishing I had never gotten out of bed that day much less raising my land, I was suddenly in tears.

Not because this man made me feel stupid in front of 1,800 people, but because I didn't know who I was. I didn't have an answer to that basic question I thought I knew.

The Speaker asked the audience to give me a round of applause for my courage and asked me to return to my seat. I did so quickly and gladly, hiding for the rest of the event to the best of my ability.

But he wasn't done with me yet.

He then asked the audience, "So who can tell me who Connie is?" Not one person responded.

Finally, he decided to give us the answer to the question we are all dying to hear. I'm on the edge of my seat...this guy is going to tell me who I am! Hooray!

"Connie". "Pure, unconditional Divine Love."

Wow! So simple. And yet I had absolutely no connection with this, no deep resonance, no awareness, no visceral acknowledgment. It sounded nice but didn't "register" exactly.

Can you relate? Do you really know who you are?

Most people do not. They think they do but who they think they are is the masks, the coverings, the labels, the stories, the past lives, the addictions, the job titles, the illnesses and so on.

All of this outside labeling and external (ego) identification is not who you are. It may be who you have come to believe you are but it is not who you are as a soul.

And there is much more to it than simply knowing you are unconditional love.

Yes, you are Unconditional Love at the core of your being but when you don't connect with that, when you don't feel that and resonate with that and most importantly, EXPRESS that openly in the world...then frankly nothing else matters.

Many of my private clients who come to me for deeper work want to know their soul's purpose. They want to "help others" but they have no idea how or who and seem to think that this is a simple question with a simple answer.

It is most assuredly not.

Soul Recognition™, Self-Acknowledgment, is where it all begins. If you don't know yourself, see yourself and acknowledge yourself at a soul level, there is no way you could ever do that for other people.

The medicine begins with you.

The path to Self-Acknowledgment is a crucial first step on the journey of Vital Soul™.

Everything starts here and flows naturally from this point on the journey of personal mastery of Soul Expression™ on the pathway of Vital Soul™.

If you want to know who you really are, and are ready and willing to remove the masks, the coverings, the Armour, the labels, all that isn't you...then I invite you to have a conversation with me.

Once again, I am opening time on my calendar for us to connect and see what your "Vital Next Steps" are on your journey of soul evolution and individual expression.

This is an opportunity for you to assess where you are, what you are ready for and what has to happen in order for you to acknowledge who you are, accept who you are and express yourself as a soul, living your soul purpose as you were meant to.

To truly know yourself at a soul level is the most liberating feeling there is. Because when you show up in your daily life, you’re showing up as the expression of your soul. You’re not wearing masks, you’re not protecting yourself anymore and you’re not being inauthentic.

Book a time now on my calendar if you want to have a chat with me about it.
Be easy and gentle with yourself...

You are a Vital Soul™!!

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