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"You have been amazing! You've helped me beyond words. The black cloud no longer follows me. I can't thank you enough. You made me feel so safe and loved through out the whole process, from day 1. I'm truly grateful that we found each other, you've been a blessing in my life and it's flowed through to my family. My husband and I were on the brink of divorce and now we lead Tantric Couples Workshops and are about to have our third child!" xxx

Melissa Krestensen
Melissa Krestensen Melbourne Australia

Connie Nash is the epitome of love and light. She is a fantastic intuitive coach who has a true connection and bond with the Universe that I desire to have in my life.  I have come so far so fast in just the short four months that I have worked with Connie and I still get excited and look forward to our call every week.  When I decided to hire Connie as my coach I had been laid off from a job I had been in for 14 years and I never expected that they could survive without me.  Connie helped me to see the blessing in this life change and that the Universe had much bigger and better opportunities lined up for me.  The work we did together was not always easy but well worth the effort.  You, Connie, have been my best investment to date in my 51 years. I wasn’t sure that I could afford to invest in coaching but I now know that I couldn’t afford not to.  You are integrity-driven, loving and sincere in your coaching. You truly want to see your clients succeed, overcome fears and step into their mission. The process of the 5 P’s takes time and energy and it is all about enjoying and loving the journey. I am so impressed with how you never give anything less than your best and you have always delivered on your promises. To you I wish an abundant, successful and financially free life.  I was divinely guided to work with Connie and she is my guardian Angel.

With many thanks and much love,

Patricia Mulligan

Miami, Florida

Patricia Mulligan
Patricia Mulligan Miami, Florida

"I am so grateful life led me to Connie. It's a decision I will never regret and always feel love in my heart when I think on my time with her. Connie helped me to shine a light in the dark places of myself and gently guided me through them to see them in that light. She intuitively guided me to where I needed and truly desired to be; always in safety, and with love, care and support. Now, at 55, I feel like my life has just begun and I am excited to see how each moment will unfold. It's so strange to hear friends talking about their retirement when I feel so energized and alive. I was able to meet myself during our time together and I really love the me I met because she is who I've always wanted to be! This was an investment in myself that is truly priceless and keeps on giving! Anyone that crosses your path will be truly blessed as I have been. Many thanks, Margaret

P.S. Thank you doesn't always feel sufficient, but you have my deepest thanks and gratitude. It's my intent to the universe that those people in need of your gifts find you and reach out to you. I've actually started to feel sparkly. That’s pretty incredible for a person that has been in hiding as long and unconscious for as long as I have. Much love and gratitude to you Connie!”

Sending Love and best wishes


Margaret Mann
Margaret Mann Ontario, Canada

"Connie: I just wanted to thank you for helping me believe in my own power. I still have a ways to go but I don't think I would be where I am today if it wasn't for you. Honestly, when you told me to step into my own power, I had a specific perception of what it was. Through trial and error, I can finally feel what it is that you mean. I giving you hugs from Minnesota. You are truly an angel and I am so blessed to have worked with you. Thank you."

Rosanna Vwj
Rosanna Vwj Minneapolis, Minnesota

“I worked with Connie and was stunned at how quickly she was able to cut through the confusion and clarify for me what the universe was trying to tell me.  I’d been noticing a pattern in my business, but of course kept dismissing it.  Without evening knowing about that pattern, Connie pointed out to me the message I was supposed to get.  Hearing it through Connie it finally all made complete sense!  After working with Connie I am very clear on the next steps I need to take for my business and life and am excited to continue getting her input as I learn and grow.  Thank you Connie!!”

Tara Truax
Tara Truax Ellensburg, Washington

"While i was working with Connie on healing my childhood trauma it gave me the strength to forgive my inner child and everyone in my life who caused the traumas. Along with that I found my voice to express to my husband my truth and by loving myself i was able to give love back to him. Instead of continuing to be the victim i was able to take responsibility for my actions, forgive myself, and him, and move onto a healthier relationship. We now hold each other responsible and understand what works best for us to resolve conflict. It sounds crazy but we do best by texting each other. It gives each of us time to really hear what the other is saying from their heart and respond with a clear head instead of from a place of anger. I forever thank Connie for leading me in this amazing journey on earth. Xoxo"

Holly Tucciarella
Holly Tucciarella Baltimore, Maryland

"I met Connie just when I was suppose to. I wished I was ready for her years ago, better late than never. Connie guided me thru clearing abuse issues, merging my inner children that had split off from various traumas and she introduced me to my soul. It was magical. My energy could flow so evenly after clearing my chakras from all those years of burying feelings. Her work was a critical step in my progression. I just married the love of my life! Absolutely magical, healing and I'm so so grateful for her. Her gifts, ability and tenderness are phenomenal...."

Terri Harris Suniga
Terri Harris Suniga Idaho Falls, Idaho

“I want to acknowledge something I've noticed, but not expressed thanks for and that is, you go above and beyond where someone might with me, time wise and energy wise, too. I can't tell you how much I appreciate this and what a difference our working together is making in my life. I feel the impact and have begun to see the results and believe they will continue to ripple out, both into the future and back into the past. I recently left a long-term relationship that I had outgrown as a result of loving myself enough to honor my truth. I also LOVE your weekly reminders. I think I love them, not only for their content, but also their presentation -- shorty, pithy, and spot-on.”

Leigh Glenn
Leigh Glenn Annapolis, Maryland

Dear Connie Nash

When I was brought to you and your services I could never have anticipated the outcome. I was so comfortable immediately with your presence and your Divine support Team. I knew I was in a place of connectedness that I had never truly experienced before. I felt embraced and understood. I was being divinely guided to my life’s purpose, my soul’s mission. As we worked thru the sessions the layers of my life being reviled to me .In a way that I had never seen them before.  I was able to make sense of difficulties I had been struggling with for years. Life became clearer and brighter. I was given a chance to shift my life in the true direction of my soul through working with you. For that there are no words to ever encompass the change and growth in my life that is only becoming more amazing by the day.

I know now I am a true Goddess of Light and Her Name is Lady Butterfly!!! As I write this tears of gratitude and gratefulness come to my eyes. I am forever changed for the higher good of all. Connie you are a true gift to me and this world. Keep shining your light this world, this universe needs you.

In Love and Light

Michelle McCullough

(Aka Lady Butterfly( Goddess o f Transformation and Hope)

Michelle McCullough
Michelle McCullough Canada

Working with Connie is a pure joy and always enlightening. I was basically clear about my life purpose, but not completely clear about my expression of it, and especially who exactly I was to help. For a while I would see the answer and then forget it, and this happened again and again as I struggled to believe in what I was being shown.

Connie intuitively guided me back to my vision each time, as she was able to see my truth in clarity even when I lost sight of it. With her gift of vision she supported me to embrace my life as a healer in an impactful way that has changed my life and allows me to help more people. I am so grateful for Connie’s ability to hold me to my truth, gently and persistently. I am now peaceful, clear and walking my path with firm steps. Thank you Connie!

With love,

Mayana Williamson, Boise Idaho

Mayana Williamson
Mayana Williamson Boise, Idaho

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