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Returning From Hiatus

A hiatus is defined as a "pause or gap in a sequence, series or process".For me, it was about being willing to stop, breathe, contemplate, reflect, re-center, ground and...Nurture myself.
When life throws up "stop signs" and "obstacles" and more challenges than seem "normal", perhaps a hiatus is exactly what you need to come back into balance. It was certainly what I needed!
While no time has passed in reality, there has been a gap in time in this time and space dimension of approximately two years since I actively engaged with you beyond your "Inner Divinity Messages".

Were You Invisible?

Growing up, I felt invisible. I was number four in the lineup of six children. My two front teeth were literally crossed and my father did not notice this until I was 17 years old.
He was reading the newspaper and dropped a section on the floor. When I knelt down to pick it up, he said "thank you". I smiled and it was then that he saw my teeth.
"Let me see those teeth", he said. When I opened my mouth he was visibly startled to see how crooked they were. Immediately, he had my mother schedule an appointment at the orthodontist even though they had no idea how they were going to pay for it.

Removing The Masks

It is always my honor and joy to serve in small ways and in big ways whenever possible. This week's inspiration is about "removing the masks", which is about letting go of all that you are not so that all of who you are can be revealed.
I'd like to begin with another real-life story to further illustrate the power of knowing who you are (by first understanding, identifying and removing all of who you are NOT).
In 2008, I attended a personal development event that had several different "guest speakers" who spoke on a wide range of is what happened with one of them:

True Belonging

Belonging for sensitives and empaths is a "sensitive" subject.

Because of our high sensitivity and our heightened emotional response to the energies we are constantly feeling, we are often labeled "weird", "outcasts" or something else forging separation from the rest of the population.

We simply don't fit in.


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